[Comedy] Macross Dynamite 7 (OVA) (Sub) Hot Anime

[Comedy] Macross Dynamite 7 (OVA) (Sub) Hot Anime

In 2047 A.D. (one year after the confrontation with Protodeviln) we join Basara, who has left the rock band "Fire Bomber".After having roamed around the Galaxy, Basara reaches a peripheral planet "Zora".Planet Zora is a unique planet in the Galaxy, where galaxy whales are swimming about. Galaxy whales can be used as a power source to make a space ship fly at super high speed.Basara gets involved in the fight between poachers of galaxy whales, which can be sold at high prices on the black market, and anti-poacher patrols (Liza). Wounded in the fight, Basara is saved by a girl named Elma. He comes under the care of Elma and his father, Graham, a whale fisherman.In this OVA, you will enjoy new pieces of music of Basara Nekki and fascinating Valkyries. You will also meet a slightly grown-up Mylene in the story.

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