Aozora Shoujo-tai

Service technician Isurugi Takuya is introduced to the other members of the squadron on the first day at the 801st TTS Takuya (Tactical Training Squadron), and they are all female pilots.As he exits the main base, Saginomiya Sakura picks him up in a Jeep, and drives him part of the way to the 801st TTS building. Wondering about the building`s state of disrepair, he is attacked by a blood sucking bat — Shimorenjaku Yoko`s pet Chi-chan as it turns out. Fleeing from the bat, he accidentally stumbles into Haneda Miyuki, who is just getting dressed. Chased out of the room, he then bumps into Mitaka Arisa, who is taking a shower. Neither Arisa nor Miyuki take kindly to these unsolicited intrusions, and take it out on poor Takuya.The 801st TTS is an all-female acrobatic pilot team. When Takuya initially hears of this, he is very excited. But all of it is just a farce, a PR stunt by the higher ups. The 801st TTS is where all of the troublemakers are sent: Miyuki had struck her superior officer in her previous squadron, Arisa is always getting into fights, Sakura has problems with gambling, and Yoko is just a very bad pilot. So why is Takuya being sent to this bunch of misfits? Apparently because he is an… otaku.Will Takuya`s enthusiasm be enough to help knit together this team of rugged individuals, to avoid the disbanding of the 801st TTS?

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